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Unlimited Medical Services 


Unlimited Service

Our team is here to help with any service you need

Onsite Medics 

We supply highly trained medics (PCPIV, EMR, OFA) which are customized to each job site to meet the clients needs. 

Mobile Treatment Centers 

Carried on reliable , maintained 1-ton 4x4 trucks.  All units are Transport Canada Approved which meet and exceed WCB regulations. 

Fit Testing 

We provide Fit Testing and mask fitting for a variety of Masks and Respirators.

Retail First Aid Supplier

Head office is stocked with many of the products we carry.  Order Online, Email or by Phone.  Specialty/non-stock items ordered and received in a timely manner.

Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Urine Drug, Oral Drug, Oral Alcohol, Breathe Alcohol, Hair Follicle testing as well as DNA Paternity testing.  Also provide trained collectors (medics) to job sites in order to have Drug and Alcohol testing readily available if needed.

Your Confidentiality is our main priority.

UMS's certified D&A collectors will ensure your personal and testing information is kept confidential. UMS will only disclose information to the DER (designated employee representative) of the company you are affiliated with. As well if needed the MRO (medical review officer).


We offer name brands at great prices!

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